October 23, 2007

The War on Liberty

Labour still wants to be able to lock people up for even longer without charge.
28-day limit on holding terrorism suspects has been met with "some scepticism".
No shit there is scepticism. The IRA where setting off bombs left right and centre, and two days was sufficient. They very nearly blew up Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and two days was sufficient. They mortared downing street while Prime minister John Major was there with his cabinet during the first Iraq War, and two days was sufficient.

Yet for Labour 28 days is not enough after only one successful attack in the UK and a bunch of failures ranging in incompetence from the pathetic to the laughable. The IRA where efficient organised terrorists, unlike your average Muslim fanatic, yet dealing with them did not take the wide ranging attacks on civil liberties that Labour have committed over there last decade in power. Labours attacks having started before the Islamic Jihad against the west had reached these shores and even before Al Qaeda's atrocity in New York had brought the Jihad to public attention. There is absolutely no evidence of any need to extend the period beyond the current 28 days, there wasn't that much evidence of a need to extend it to 28 days, yet still they want more.

Since coming to power Labour have doubled the length of time people can be held without charge, then doubled it again, and again. They introduced internment on the British mainland, the first time ever in peace time. They gave themselves the power to place people under house arrest forever without charge or trial. A policy of shoot to kill was introduced under their watch, the only victim of which so far has been an innocent man. They have introduced identity cards, again a peace time first. They have vastly increased the number of CCTV cameras (useless for crime prevention, but great for monitoring the populace). They have allowed gossip to be used as evidence in court. They have introduced laws that lets them take peoples property without proving that they have done anything wrong. They have introduced laws where the burden of proof is reversed. They put in place their Enabling Act and attempted to get their Abolition of Parliament Act.

After 10 years of Labour's War on Liberty we have every right to be more than sceptical as they demand yet more power for themselves.


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